A Pandemic Size Lesson Learned: Do Not Take Anything for Granted

Who remembers going to the theater to see the newest blockbuster movie with a group of friends? How about sitting at your favorite sports bar eating wings and drinking a cold one while watching the big game? Game? What is that? Like, people sitting in a stadium type of game? At this point, who remembers coughing and sneezing in public without fear of retribution? God forbid I have allergies, sheesh!

I am the first to admit I have taken things for granted. Although I understand why we should wear a mask in public, man ‘o man, it sucks! I can’t tell the difference between ordinary citizens and bank robbers. I’m just being honest. I will say this, though; I appreciate teachers now more than ever. Please take my kids back! With that said, I am not trying to make light of something serious, but I definitely wish this virus would go away already!

On a brighter note, I have never been a fan of strangers standing in my personal space in public lines, so that aspect is something I can live with. And since I am a germaphobe by nature, the consistent cleansing of hands and surfaces is nothing out of the ordinary. But where do we go from here? The virus isn’t suddenly going to disappear, and until we get a legitimate vaccine, we are stuck with these new living arrangements.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Experts say we should wear a mask because it helps slow the spread. Ok, done! And we should stay six feet apart. Fair enough! So, in theory, those recommendations should help, right? But then businesses get shut-down. If companies enforce distancing, masks, and do their part to keep things as sanitized as humanly possible, should they be forced to close? It is certainly up for debate. I’m no expert, but I feel sorry for business owners as well as the people they furlough. And since we are on the topic, I feel sorry for job seekers too (cough-cough).

Well, at least Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, USPS, and UPS are doing well. At this rate, a warehouse or delivery truck is in my near future. Living in the state of Nevada is interesting in itself. The casinos make the ‘Silver State’ go round and round; they drive the economy. Not just in mighty Las Vegas, but in Reno too, which is my current location. Not to mention, they employ thousands of people. If Nevada can’t run its casinos full steam ahead, the state will transition into economic turmoil.

It goes without saying, people should comply with expert recommendations to help slow the spread, but some people flat-out refuse. But what happens when those so-called experts are contradicting one another? The WHO and CDC, I’m looking at you! What are everyday citizens supposed to think?

When I say experts, I am certainly not implying politicians. The donkeys and elephants are too busy waiting for each other to make a mistake, so can they pounce like a lion on meat. CNN and Fox are anxiously waiting also! Then there’s Twitter, but that’s a different blog on a different day.

I’m babbling, so let me wrap this up. Because I am an ever-optimist, I genuinely believe this virus will be under control sooner rather than later. I am confident there will be a suitable vaccine ready to distribute by Christmas. Merry Christmas! It will still take some time to get the vaccine in hospitals and clinics, but it will happen. Hold me to it! A little hope goes a long way! In the meantime, try to appreciate the things you CAN still do, like spending time with family, watching a good documentary, BBQ’ing at home, listening to music, etc.

I’m curious, what are YOU and your family doing, that you were NOT doing before the pandemic, to occupy yourselves during these challenging times? Got any fresh ideas you want to share? If so, leave a comment or shoot me an email. An inquiring mind wants to know! Thanks for reading!


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