Why Am I Here? What Are My Intentions?

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit and hopefully read my blog. There are so many other things you could be doing right now, yet here you are! So pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee. Again, thank you for your time!

So, in fairness, you might be asking why am I here? Well, I am here because recent courses in my degree program tapped into a passion I never knew existed. My new passion is about workplace culture and how it affects so many different avenues within an organization. Before creating this blog, I consistently pondered whether or not I knew enough about the topic to throw out my opinion publicly. Will someone who has much more experience and education on the subject read my blog, then strategically chew me up and spit me out?

Nowadays, one little post or comment on any social media platform could get you ridiculed into submission both publicly and privately. Then it dawned on me. I do not care! My blog and the content within it will be built on my perceptions based on my personal experiences. And trust me, I have a lot!

When I think about my past work history, the first thing that comes to mind is how much fun I had! Don’t get me wrong; I never waisted company time, but I did enjoy the social aspect of it all. My past co-workers would tell you I was playful, silly, and easy-going. However, when it was time to hunker down and get serious, I did. Regardless, my workplace personality allowed me to build incredible bonds with people. In fact, my closest friends to this day are compiled from a group of former co-workers from every company I have ever worked for.

When it came to building relationships, your title did not matter. Neither did your race, religion, national origin, age, gender, political affiliation, and so on. I loved everyone, and 99% of them loved me back! That 1% was out of my control; some people take life way too seriously. With that said, I believe the workplace cultures I was apart of allowed me to be myself, which in turn, made me happy to go to work. I was festive and enjoyed lightening the mood around me. It never affected the quality of work I was responsible for, in fact, it improved it.

The intent of this message, and my blog in general, is to discuss my thoughts and feelings about creating a workplace culture that promotes inclusion and values diversity. You might be wondering about my work history, and if you haven’t eye-balled my LinkedIn profile, you’re probably curious about what companies allowed my silliness. In a nutshell, my work history is dominated by the casino and retail industries, along with an interesting stint in the military. More on that later. I have been around and I have seen a lot, and I can assure you, I will bring value to the topics of culture, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace.

My mission is to catch the attention of top leaders in any industry in hopes of giving them something to think about. There is nothing wrong with having a ‘silly’ workplace environment! From my experience, it actually boosts employee morale, leading to better customer (client, guest) service. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to know that treating customers better generally leads to a better bottom line, but it all starts and stops with happy employees.

Yes, I know this topic is nothing new, but from my perspective, and what others around me are saying, it is often overlooked. And that is where my passion comes in! I hope to bring a fresh (silly) new perspective to the topic. Then maybe, somebody in a position of power will discover my blog and make changes to benefit their employees. Perhaps they will rally-up their managers to discuss ways to improve inclusion. Perhaps they will instruct their HR department to recruit a more diverse pool of talent. If my blog helps just ONE company, regardless of size, then my time spent on this topic was well worth it.

Thank you for reading my blog, but before I let you go, I have a challenge and a request for you! My challenge: I ask that you brainstorm ideas on improving workplace culture through inclusion and diversity. Think outside the box! My request is that you follow my blog, then come back and help me by contributing your thoughtful input.

Your time, attention, and consideration are much appreciated!


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I am an enthusiastic person who is striving to become a valuable contributor to any company. The next chapter of my life is just beginning!

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